about our work

mission statement


To reach people who desire to directly communicate with The Creator of All and who would like to interact with those who do. To bring peace, joy, meaning and fulfillment to their lives.


We desire to be a valuable part of a paradigm shift that we believe is upon us in the way people view our world from one of ordinary cause and effect to one based in spiritual principles. By encourag-ing people to connect directly with The Creator, we aim to be instrumental in bringing peace not only to those people, but also, indirectly, to the people they influence.

about Sheryl

Sheryl Miller has been able to connect directly to God since she was 8 years old. Her religious upbringing did not support direct communication with God, and the result was an on and off relation-ship with the Creator. In the past 15 years, Sheryl has grown her gift into one she values deeply and wants to share. She has no doubt that anyone, with practice, can talk with the Creator just as she can.